Give Regularly

Standing Order or Salary Deductions

“Planned Giving” is the most efficient and effective way to support The Meath Foundation. “Planned Giving” means setting aside a specific sum of money each week/month which is automatically sent to the Meath Foundation. This can be easily organised through your place of work by a wage deduction scheme or through your bank by standing order.

“Planned Giving” enables us to accurately forecast the amount of donations to expect in a given period, enabling us to plan ahead. It is also a very cost-effective way to donate to the Meath Foundation as administration of the funds received is minimal.

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Leaving a legacy is one of the most rewarding and long-lasting gifts that many people will ever be able to give. It’s the one opportunity that all of us have to make a lasting difference to a cause which we really believe in.

You can make a lasting contribution to The Meath Foundation by including us in your will. If you have a will or are planning to write one, you can bequeath a Euro amount, a specific property, or a percentage of your estate to The Meath Foundation.

Please state that the bequest is sent to:
The Meath Foundation
Tallaght Hospital
Dublin 24

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Make your Donation Go Further

If you pay tax under the PAYE scheme in the Republic, The Meath Foundation can claim back tax relief on your donation if it exceeds €250 in the tax year.

Claiming tax relief on your donation is an invaluable source of funding for us each year but to make the claim we need your authorisation. Tax Relief forms are sent out to our donors in January each year so please send us your details when making donations so that we don’t miss you. If you are self-assessed, you can make the claim directly.

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The Benefits

We realise that a partnership only succeeds if both partners benefit. As a corporate partner, you will benefit from The Meath Foundation’s public recognition, its integrity, its credibility and its reputation for achieving results.

Our corporate partners contribute and they earn recognition for it. Meath Foundation corporate partnerships will send a clear message of concern and responsibility to your shareholders, employees and consumers.

Being associated with a leading organisation whose ethics and professionalism are recognised world-wide will benefit your organisation in many ways.

You will:

  • Enhance your corporate image and brand
  • Benefit from positive press/media exposure and PR coverage
  • Maximise opportunities for branding on promotional materials
  • Find new outlets for product sampling
  • Benefit from celebrity endorsement
  • Provide a focus for team building and staff motivation through employee fundraising events
  • Be entitled to claim Tax Relief

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Tax Effective Donations

There are ways your company can make a monetary donation go even further for the Meath Foundation. The Meath Foundation is an eligible charity under the 2001 Finance Act, allowing companies to claim a deduction for a donation as if it were a trading expense. The donation must take the form of a payment of one or more sums of money and the relief will be granted at the company’s marginal rate of tax.

For example, a donation of €1,000 will only cost €735 to your company because assuming a rate of tax of 21%, you are entitled to claim back €265.

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