Work of the Foundation


The Meath Foundation supports healthcare research and education in a number of ways including the awarding of research grants. Applications are assessed by a sub-committee of the Board with the assistance of external assessors, and grants are awarded based on the scientific merit of the projects submitted.

Those in receipt of research awards are required to update The Foundation on the progress of their work and to acknowledge the assistance of the Foundation in publications and presentations arising out their work.


In 2012 The Foundation established an Education Fund. The fund is managed jointly with The Foundation and the Human Resources Directorate at the Hospital. To date we have co-funded with the Hospital 12 staff to undertake an MSc. in Leadership at the Royal College of Surgeons. The first group of 6 commenced the programme in 2013 and the second group commenced in 2014. In addition the Human Resources Directorate has arranged sessions on Mindfulness and Coping with Grief and Sudden Loss. These sessions are open to all staff and are in great demand.

Arts In Health

The Foundation provides funding for the Arts in Health programme annually and have funded a number on initiatives including “Synaptic Serenades” a musical narrative of Stroke, Alzhimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease composed by Ian Wilson while composer in residence at Tallaght Hospital.

Art at the bedside – a programme for patients in Oncology and Haematology

A Music Therapist and musical instruments for patients.

A writer in residence programme working with in patients.

These are just some of the programme’s funded by The Foundation

Also in 2014  the Foundation approved funding for the research and development of a visual art trail around the hospital.

If you wish to help the Foundation support these project please contact the office for more information on how you can help.

Quality Improvement

In 2014 The Meath Foundation Quality Improvement Fund was established to support a range of quality improvement initiatives across the Hospital. For more information on this programme please contact the Foundation office.