2018 Education Funding

The Meath Foundation Education Fund was established to assist staff who wished to obtain a Higher Degree. The Fund is co-managed with the Human Resources Directorate and funding is awarded on the basis that the successful applicant funds one third of the cost, the Hospital as the employer funds one third and The Foundation funds the balancing third.

Initially the Fellowships enabled staff to study for an MSc. in Leadership However at the request of staff we widened the courses to include:

  • Leadership
  • Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Management

Applications are welcome from all disciplines of staff and funding is awarded following a keenly competitive process.

Please note applicants  must be members of staff and/or have a contractual commitment to work in Tallaght Hospital. For information on the application process please see the CLD prospectus. The applications for funding should be made through the Centre for Learning and Development. info.cld@amnch.ie for further information.