Research Strategy November 2013

The Research Strategy of the Meath Foundation is in the process of being reviewed; however the twin themes of “Preventive Medicine” and “Advanced Care” will remain the ‘theme tunes’ of The Foundation.

Definition of Terms

Preventive Medicine

The European Commission stated that “the time has come for a change of emphasis from treating ill health to promoting good health”. This theme sees The Foundation supporting preventive health activities across the board from screening and education programmes to significant research initiatives.

Advanced Care

This goes to the heart of the activity of the hospital and means that research will impact the direct care of the patients, thereby yielding advanced care where patients benefit from the latest cutting edge discoveries and treatments for a specific illness.


Seed Grants

The Foundation will continue to provide seed monies to support the smaller research projects and encourage staff to engage in research within the hospital.

Medicine and the Arts

The Meath Foundation will continue to assist in development of links between medicine and the arts.