Research Grant Awards 2016

The  Foundation is delighted to announce over €300,000 has been awarded for research projects in 2016 Click here for the full list of grant awards


Doctor Susanne Frost  Consultant Microbiologist                                    

Advancing Clinical Microbiology Diagnostics in Tallaght Hospital by introducing the molecular technology ribosomal intergenic spacer analysis (RISA) into diagnostic practice.


Professor James Gibney Consultant Endocrinologist and Clinical Professor

HDL function and HDL proteomics in type 1 diabetes mellitus (YIDM) comparison to normal subjects association with early atherosclerosis and the effects of glycaemic control.


Professor Mark Little Professor of Nephrology and Consultant Nephrologist                  

Non-invasive measurement of NETosis to stratify thrombosis risk in vasculitis.


Doctor Mark Sherlock Consultant Endocrinologist                                                  

Optimising steroid replacement in patients with Addison’s disease.


The Edna O’Flynn Award                                               

Ms Mary Finn, Senior Dietitian

Development and pilot of a smart phone application to improve the health of overweight obese individuals with type 1 diabetes.