Who are we?

The Meath Foundation was founded in 1998 following the move of the Meath Hospital on the opening of Tallaght University Hospital (TUH).

The Meath Foundation is a member based organisation that is:

  • an independent charitable legal entity and, although based in TUH, is entirely separate from TUH;
  • a recognised charity registered with the Charity Regulator;
  • a Company limited by guarantee without share capital;
  • registered with the Company’s Registration Office;

Our mission is to provide and develop a lasting legacy of the Meath Hospital. We do this by honouring the traditions of the past through the continuous support of world class research, education, quality improvement, innovation and arts at TUH.

The Foundation believes that research is essential because it is the bridge that takes us from today’s good practice to tomorrow’s better practice. In its support for research here at TUH, the Meath Foundation helps to build this bridge to the future, not only in our own hospital, but nationally and internationally.

To help us in our journey to support our mission a Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026 is in place. The Strategy focuses on five strategic themes: Advancing Healthcare Research; Recognising and Promoting Excellence; Educating Future Healthcare Leaders; Promoting and Improving Quality of Care and Delivery; Promoting Better Health through the Arts. A copy of our Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026 is available on our website www.meathfoundation.com

Since the Hospital opened in 1998 the Foundation has supported staff to deliver better services, better care and better patient outcomes, in a safe environment.

To achieve our Strategic Plan we have:

Advancing Healthcare Research:

In the past 20 years €5.7m has been awarded supporting 119 projects

Recognising and Promoting Excellence

A number of medals and bursaries are awarded each year recognising and promoting excellence

Educating Future Healthcare Leaders

In 2013 an Education fund was established and has provided €400,000 to support initiatives to develop a culture of excellence in leadership

Promoting and Improving Quality of Care and Delivery


In 2014 The Foundation established a Quality Improvement & Innovation Fund (QII) and have provided €890,000 to support QII projects. The aim of the fund is to support quality improvement initiatives in the Hospital with a view to making a significant and tangible difference to the quality of care and service for our patients.

Promoting Better Health through the Arts


Since its inception the Foundation has recognised the benefits of Arts & Health for our patients, their families, hospital staff and the wider community. A fund was established in 2012 to assist in developing an Arts & Health program in the Hospital. Working with the Arts Officer the Meath Foundation supports the delivery of a wide ranging program e.g. Music Therapy; Musical instruments; Art at the bedside; Art Curation; Workshops for Staff. To date €400,000 has been provided for projects.