The Foundation established an Education Fund in 2012. This fund is managed jointly by The Foundation and the Human Resources Directorate at the Hospital.  To date 15 staff have received fellowships to undertake the MSc in Leadership at the Royal College of Surgeons

The first group awarded Fellowships in 2013  ( Graduated  2015)

  • Amy Carswell, Business Manager
  • Claire Hartin, Research and Ethics Co-ordinator
  • Kerry Ryder Applicant Support Manager ICT
  • Niamh Smyth, Clinical Specialist Dietician
  • Elaine Sweeney Acting CNM1
  • Anne Murphy Human Resources Manager ( Deferred Graduated 2016)

The successful applicants for The Meath Foundation fellowships  in 2014 were: (Graduated  2016)

  • Treacy Brady Accountant
  • Jacinta Burke Out of Hours Hospital Site Manager
  • Catriona Higgins Senior Medical Scientist
  • Sharon Larkin Human REsources Resources Operations Manager
  • Ian O’Gorman Head of Catering

The successful applicants for Meath Foundation Fellowships to undertake MSc. in Leadership in 2015 were:

  • Mr Frederick Guarin, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Ms Anna Delhunt, Senior Paediatric Dietitian
  • Ms Aine O’Brien, Deputy Physiotherapy Manager
  • Mr Ciaran Love, Senior Medical Scientist

In addition the Human Resources Directorate arranges short sessions under the broad title of ‘Employee Well Being’ which include Mindfulness and Coping with Grief and Sudden Loss  These sessions are open to all staff and are in great demand.Further developments being planned are Executive Management Development and the establishment of an Innovation Centre.

Education funding