Chairman’s Address

On behalf of the Meath Foundation I am delighted to welcome you to our web site. The objective of this site is to provide an overview of the functions of the Foundation.

The Meath Foundation was established as successor to the Board of the Meath Hospital. Our mission is to carry on the best traditions of that hospital by providing a focus for voluntary input into the new hospital here in Tallaght.

The Meath Foundation supports the hospital’s development by promoting healthcare research and education within the hospital and the wider community.

If Tallaght hospital is to continue to develop as a flagship for healthcare we need to expand and develop a strong research base. This will be done in association with our partners in Trinity College Dublin; The Haughton Institute and, of course, in the local community. The Meath Foundation plays a major role in supporting this development by awarding Research Grants on an annual basis and funding structured education programmes; details regarding this aspect of the Foundation are included on this site.

However, to ensure we can continue to provide such support we will need the continued backing of our benefactors and of the community. If you wish to help carry on the voluntary tradition of the ladies and gentlemen of the eighteenth century, who first breathed life into the Meath Hospital, by supporting The Meath Foundation contact the Foundation Offices. Remember that when you support healthcare research and education you are investing in the future of the Hospital and of the Community and you are helping to secure the health of future generations.

In 2012 we published ’10 years on…. The Story of Research in Tallaght Hospital funded by The Meath Foundation’  This publication reprised  some of the remarkable research that The Foundation has funded over the past 10 years.

Mairéad Shields